Nerdio Manager Edition Management

Nerdio Manager Edition Management

Nerdio Manager has two editions-- Core and Premium. The Nerdio Manager Premium edition has all the features found in the Core edition, plus many others.

Please see our website for details about the features and pricing.

Warning: Downgrading from Premium to Core could result in loss of functionality. For example, advanced cost optimization features are not supported in the Core edition. Therefore, if a customer downgrades to Core, and they were making use of features such as Azure Capacity Extender, these features are no longer available

Nerdio Manager allows you to change your edition at any time.

To change your edition of Nerdio Manager:

  1. Navigate to SettingsNerdio environment.

  2. In the Product edition tile, select the Product edition name.

  3. Review the confirmation pop-up.

    Tip: When downgrading to Core, the confirmation pop-up displays a detailed list of the functionality you lose access to. Be sure to review it carefully before proceeding.

  4. When you are ready to change your edition, select OK.

    Your edition of Nerdio Manager is changed.

    Note: Prior to version 6.0 of Nerdio Manager, customers could purchase either the Standard or Premium editions of the product. The licensing options described above only apply to new Nerdio Manager installations for version 6.0 and later.

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