User Cost Attribution Report Configuration

User Cost Attribution Report Configuration

This feature is only available in the Nerdio Manager Premium edition.

Nerdio Manager allows you to capture and report on per-individual-user costs based on the allocation of the total cost of your AVD deployment (compute, storage, network, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) to individuals based on the duration of their usage of AVD desktops during the selected time frame.

The report configuration enables you to create reports for specific subscriptions, using the desired cost allocation method and tags.


  • Before you can work with the report configuration, you must enable user cost attribution. See Enable User Cost Attribution for details.

  • This feature may only be enabled for subscriptions that support Azure Cost Management.

To add a report configuration:

  1. Navigate to SettingsIntegrations.

  2. In the User cost attribution tile, select Add configuration.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Report name: Type the report's display name.

      Note: This can be changed at any time.

    • Report type: From the drop-down list, select the method for allocating shared Azure costs to individual users.

      Note: The following methods are supported:

      • Uniform: This allocates an equal amount of shared costs to each active user.

      • Proportional: This allocates shared costs based on the relative duration AVD usage for each user.

      • Unallocated: This does not allocated shared costs to individual users and only shows users' costs that result directly from AVD sessions.

    • Subscriptions to analyze: From the drop-down list, select the subscription(s) that contain Azure resources that are part of the AVD deployment and contribute towards the cost analysis.

    • Log Analytics workspace with AVD session data: From the drop-down list, select the Log Analytics workspace that contains AVD connections data.

      Note: Be sure that all host pools are configured to send diagnostic data to this Log Analytics workspace.

    • Use Nerdio default tags: Select this option to use Nerdio Manager's default tags. Alternatively, unselect this option and enter your own tags.

      Note: These are the Azure tags used to indicate that the cost of a specific Azure resource should be included in the cost allocation report. Be sure that these tags exist on all resources that are part of the AVD deployment.

  4. Once you have entered all the desired information, select OK.


  • From the list of reports, select the report's name to edit the report's configuration.

  • Select remove to remove a report configuration.

  • Select set default to set a specific report as the default report. That is, the report that displays by default in the cost analytics.

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