Import an Existing VM

Import an Existing VM

You can import an existing VM as an image into Nerdio Manager. For example, you can take a custom VM from another virtual desktop deployment, that has all your applications installed, and use it as a custom image in your Nerdio Manager AVD deployment.

Note: In order for this to work, your VM needs to be based on a Managed Disk. That is, you need to generate the accompanying SAS URL directly from the Azure portal, as explained below.

To import an image:

  1. In Azure, navigate to the virtual machine.

    Warning: Make sure that the VM is powered off.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Disks.

  3. Select the OS disk and then select Disk Export.

  4. Select Generate URL.

    The URL is generated.

  5. Copy the generated URL to the clipboard.

  6. In Nerdio Manager, navigate to Desktop Images.

  7. Select Add from Azure VM.

  8. Enter the following information:

    • SAS URL: Paste the URL from the clipboard.

    • Create image VM as Gen2: Select this option to create the VM as Gen2.

      Note: By default, desktop image VMs are created as Gen1. See this Microsoft document to learn more about the differences between Gen1 and Gen2 VMs.

    • Security Type: From the drop-down list, select the security type.


      • Security type refers to the different security features available for a virtual machine. Security features like Trusted Launch and Confidential virtual machines improve the security of Gen2 VMs. However, additional security features have some limitations, which include not supporting back up, managed disks, and ephemeral OS disks. See the following Microsoft articles for more information:

      • Trusted launch for Azure virtual machines

      • About Azure confidential VMs

        • If you select Standard, Trusted launch virtual machines, or Confidential virtual machines, then the desktop image and session host VMs are created with the specific security type.

        • If you select one of the xxxx supported options, then the desktop image is created as Standard but the session host VMs can be deployed as Standard or the supported type(s). (Trusted Launch and/or Confidential)

    • Uninstall FSLogix app: Select this option if the FSLogix app is already installed in the base image and you want to remove it in order to allow Nerdio Manager to manage FSLogix.

    • Uninstall AVD agent: Select this option if you are creating an image from an existing AVD session host where the AVD agent has been previously installed.

    • Enter the information for the other fields. See Import Images from the Azure Library for detailed information.

  9. Once you have entered all the desired information, select OK.

    The desktop image import task starts.

Tip: Be sure to uninstall the AVD agent before you set this imported VM as a desktop image. See Desktop Images Manually Uninstall AVD Agent for details.

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