REST APIs Overview

REST API Overview

This feature is only available in the Nerdio Manager Premium edition.

Nerdio Manager API allows IT professionals and IT administrators to automate actions and tasks in Nerdio Manager that may otherwise have been done via the Nerdio Manager web UI.

The API is a set of REST API calls that let you control various aspects of Nerdio Manager. With the API, you can integrate Nerdio Manager with other IT service management platforms such as ServiceNow. The API is a great way to interface with Nerdio Manager from another platform and make changes, and create actions and tasks, inside of Nerdio Manager.

Some common use cases for the API are:

  • When a new employee comes on board, you have an automated process to create various artifacts for the new employee such as an email account, assign a Microsoft 365 license, and grant access to corporate assets. You would like to extend this automated process to assign an AVD desktop to the user.

  • Similarly, when an employee leaves the organization, you would like to remove the departing employee's access to their AVD desktop as part of an ITSM flow.

  • You would like to apply the latest Windows updates to Desktop Images in Nerdio Manager based on triggering actions in your ITSM workflow.

  • Your corporate governance requires you to export Nerdio Manager logs and archive the logs in a data store.

  • You have a self-service portal for end users and would like to give access to the AVD user session management to the end users.

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