Troubleshoot Transient Auto-scale Errors

Troubleshoot Transient Auto-scale Errors

You may see errors from the Auto-scale process populating the Tasks log. They may look like this:

These errors are because the AVD service REST API or Azure Management REST API did not respond to Nerdio Manager successfully. Typically, these "errors" can be safely ignored.

By default, the auto-scale process runs in the background every 5 minutes for every host pool. For example, if you have 5 host pools with auto-scale enabled, the auto-scale process runs 1,440 times per day (5 host pools x 12 times/hour x 24 hours/day).

If you're seeing an occasional error like the ones above, it means that auto-scale couldn't get some information from Azure or AVD (for example, number of sessions on a host, CPU usage, power state of a particular VM, etc.). In our hypothetical example of 5 host pools, if it happens 5 times per day, that's 0.35% of the time.

Note: If you're seeing hundreds of these messages, then we would need to investigate. Please contact us at

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