Create Direct Links to Monitoring Dashboards

Create Direct Links to Monitoring Dashboards

The Monitoring menu in Nerdio Manager can be customized to include any number of links to dashboards. Out of the box, several default dashboard templates are provided when Sepago Azure Monitor functionality is enabled. These templates can be saved as unique dashboards, customized, and then linked under the Monitoring menu.

To create a direct link to a monitoring dashboard:

  1. In Azure portal, search for the Sepago Log Analytics workspace and go to Workbooks.

  2. Navigate to Workbooks.

  3. Open one of the workbooks. For this example, we will use User Sessions Dashboard.

  4. If the workbook opens in Edit mode, select Done Editing.

  5. Select the Save icon.

  6. In Title, type the dashboard's tile. For example, call it Users.

  7. Select Save.

  8. Select the Share icon and copy the link.

  9. In Nerdio Manager, navigate to SettingsIntegrations.

  10. In the Sepago Azure monitor tile, select Enabled.

  11. Replace the URL link next to an existing label. Alternatively, add a new workbook link label/URL.

  12. When you have made all the desired changes, select OK.

    The updated/added link appears in the Monitoring page.

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