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About Nerdio Manager

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a deployment, management, and auto-scaling platform for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Tip: Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is commonly referred to as Nerdio Manager or NME.

Nerdio Manager allows IT professionals and system integrators to deploy, manage, and auto-scale large AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC desktop environments in the Enterprise. Nerdio Manager can be connected to an existing environment or used to configure a new deployment.

You can operationalize large AVD and Cloud PC deployments through a powerful and intuitive UI used by engineering and help desk staff to deploy the environment and provide on-going user management. Capabilities such as desktop image management, performance monitoring, and user session control eliminate the need for complex scripting and speed up response to end-users.

Nerdio Manager reduces Azure costs with scheduled and event-driven auto-scaling and speeds deployment with a guided setup wizard reducing the engineering workload. Azure compute and storage costs can be reduced by up to 75% and deployment time from weeks to hours. Additional savings result from consolidating user management and monitoring tools and eliminating third-party apps.

And with Nerdio Manager you can reinforce existing security policies, compliance, and address data residency concerns. Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is deployed as an all-PaaS, secure Azure application inside the customer’s own subscription in a geographic location of their choice. No user data ever leaves the Azure environment and there is no third-party access to the deployment.



Nerdio Manager is Veracode verified

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