Manage User Sessions

Manage User Sessions

You can use Nerdio Manager to manage active and disconnected user sessions within the selected Workspace.

  • RBAC permissions are required in order to manage user sessions. See Role-based Access Control (RBAC) in Nerdio Manager for details. In addition, the user needs permission for RDP.

  • The host pool must be enabled to allow selected non-admin users or groups to shadow sessions. See Host Pool VM Deployment for details. In addition, you also need network connectivity to the desktop.

Note: You can also select multiple user sessions and perform actions on those user sessions in bulk.

To manage user sessions:

  1. Navigate to Workspaces.

  2. Locate the desired workspace and select User sessions.

    The User Sessions window opens. It displays all the active or disconnected user sessions across the host pools in this Workspace.

  3. Use the Search feature to search for:

    • Username

    • Host name

  4. Use the Filter feature to filter by:

    • Show active user sessions

    • Show disconnected user sessions

    • Selected host pool

  5. You can select and perform these actions with the users:

    • Send message: Send a message to the user session.

    • Disconnect: Disconnect the user session.

    • Log off: Sign out the user session.

    • Shadow session: Shadow (remote access) the session and provide on-screen support.

    • Log off and flush: Log off and archive or delete user profiles in order to troubleshoot user issues.

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