Add Language Packs to Image VMs

Add Language Packs to Image VMs

Windows 10 Multi-Session images only come with English pre-installed. To support other languages for your AVD users, you need to install the language packs directly on the Desktop Images that your host pools are based on.

Warning: Installing language packs incorrectly via other means, such as pre-existing GPOs, can cause Sysprep to fail. Language packs must be installed in a manner that Windows 10 multi-session supports.

Nerdio recommends following a similar procedure to Microsoft's process as described here:

Note: Instead of initiating the Sysprep on the image VM itself, you should initiate it from the Nerdio Manager Desktop Images page. See Desktop Images Set as Image for details.

Tip: See this Microsoft document for file share requirements. You can add a file share to the existing storage account you may already be using for FSLogix.

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