Scripted Actions Azure Runbooks Variables Integration

Scripted Actions Azure Runbooks Variables Integration

Nerdio Manager allows you to integrate variables into the Azure runbooks scripted actions. Nerdio Manager prompts the user for these variables when the scripted action is run interactively via the action menu's Run now.

To integrate variables into Azure runbooks scripted actions.

  1. Navigate to Scripted ActionsAzure runbooks.

  2. Locate the scripted action you want to work with.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. In the Script section, locate the part of the script that starts with <# Variables:.

  5. For each variable, enter the following information: (See the example above for formatting.)

    • Name: Type the variable name.

      Note: The variable can be something you create or it can be a Global Secure Variable. See Scripted Actions Global Secure Variables for details.

    • Description: Type the variable's description.

    • IsRequired: Type true (is required) or false (is not required).

    • DefaultValue: Optionally, type the variable's default value.

  6. Add, change, or delete the variables as desired.

  7. When you have entered all the desired information, select Save and close.

Note: When the scripted action is run interactively, a page is displayed that contains the Parameters section. All the variables are shown along with their default values and descriptions.

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