Upgrade the Azure App Service

Upgrade the Azure App Service

By default, Nerdio Manager is installed with the Basic app service tier (B3). In some instances, the Azure app service must be upgraded to Standard or Premium. For example, if you wish to harden Nerdio Manager by using VNet integration, then you may need to upgrade to Standard or Premium, depending on your existing plan features. Please note that some Basic plans support Vnet integration. See this Microsoft article for details. Other app service features, such as backups or private endpoints, also require upgrading.

Note: The upgrade leads to an increase in operating costs.

To upgrade the Azure app service:

  1. In the Azure portal, locate the Nerdio Manager App Service resource.

    Note: It typically has a name in the following format: nmw-app-xxxxxxxxx.

  2. Within the menu on the left-hand side of the App Service blade, scroll down to the Settings section.

  3. Select Scale up (App Service plan).

  4. Select the Production tab.

  5. Select the desired Standard or Premium tier.

    Tip: We recommend the Standard S3 or P2v2 tier.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade.

    Warning: Upgrading the app service causes a short, temporary interruption as the web server is moved to a new hosting node. User connections to AVD pools are not dependent on Nerdio Manager remaining online, so it is generally safe to do this during production hours. It is advised to wait to apply these changes while a major migration or complex task is being executed within the console. In addition, auto-scale resumes and catches up any missed tasks once the app service is back online.

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