Troubleshoot Need Admin Approval Message Upon Sign In

Troubleshoot "Need Admin Approval" Message upon Sign In

Nerdio Manager is an Enterprise Application registered in Entra ID. When it was initially installed, necessary service principals were created to be able to manage Azure and AVD resources. Part of the installation process required an Entra ID Global Administrator user to accept consents on behalf of the organization to allow other users to be able to sign in to Nerdio Manager.

In addition, during certain upgrades of the application to the latest version, it may be necessary for a Global Administrator to grant consents on behalf of the organization after the update.

The "Need admin approval" message upon sign in means that proper consents have not been granted by a Global Administrator after installation or upgrade of the Nerdio Manager application.

To resolve this problem, consent needs to be granted on behalf of the organization.

  • As an Entra ID Global Administrator, open a Private or Incognito browser tab.

    Note: It is important that it is a brand new Entra ID sign in session.

  • Navigate to the URL of the Nerdio Manager application and sign in.

  • Select Grant consent on behalf of the organization and then select Accept.

If the Global Administrator is not being prompted to grant consents, but other, non-global admin users, are still unable to sign in with the message above, then most likely the Global Administrator gave approval to the application but did not select the On behalf of the organization. In this case, another Global Administrator should follow the steps above to grant consent on behalf of the organization. It is sufficient to grant temporary global admin role to any user, accept the consents, and then remove the global admin role.

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