This section discusses topics related to Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files management.

Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files are a native Azure service often used instead of a traditional IaaS-based virtual machine acting as a file server. It is a more flexible approach offering configurable throughput, including input/output performance characteristics. Azure Files is often used in combination with a user profile management solution such as FSLogix.

Nerdio Manager enables you to work with existing Azure File shares, by linking these to Nerdio Manager. Alternatively, Nerdio Manager can create a completely new Azure Files file share for you, including things such as adding permissions, joining it to the domain, and more.

Nerdio Manager also offers some unique management features not found anywhere else. A great example of this is the ability to auto-scale your Azure Files file share, meaning you are only charged for the storage you consume and you do not have to over provision your file shares leading to higher monthly costs.

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