Start VM on Connect for Pooled Host Pools

Start VM on Connect for Pooled Host Pools

Nerdio Manager allows you to take advantage of the "Start VM on connect" feature. This feature powers on a session host VM in a host pool where all the session host VMs currently powered off. Therefore, if the user signs in, a VM is powered on to give this user a session.

Note: End users can start a session host VM in more than one way. It depends on the user's permissions.

  • Allow the users to manually start a session host when none are started: This allows user to sign in to Nerdio Manager and perform service actions. For example, power on the session hosts within the host pool. Only specified users that have the permissions to sign in to Nerdio Manager can start the session host VM this way.

  • Start VM on connect: The VM is powered on automatically when the user connects. Any user can start the VM when they sign in.

To configure Start VM on connect for pooled host pools:

  1. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  2. From the menu, select PropertiesAVD.

  3. Select the Start VM on connect option.

  4. Select Save or Save & close.

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