Host Pools

Host Pools

After you create the desktop images, the next step in the Nerdio Manager AVD deployment flow is to create host pools from the desktop images.

Host pools are groups of identical Azure VMs that host the Azure Virtual Desktops that end users sign in to. All VMs in the host pool share a set of configuration options: VM size, OS disk size, base image, AD domain, user profile storage location, and more.

You can configure two types of host pools:

  • Static: A static host pool contains a set number of session hosts that the administrator configures. That is, it does not have auto-scale enabled.

    Note: When Nerdio Manager is first deployed to an existing environment, the host pools that are created are static host pools. They can be converted to dynamic host pools.

  • Dynamic: A dynamic host pool is a host pool whose configuration can be scaled in and out (auto-scale) as per the workload. That is, auto-scale can create the session hosts automatically based on the auto-scale configuration.

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