FSLogix Profile Management – Advanced Search

FSLogix Profile Management – Advanced Search

FSLogix profiles can be deleted, archived, and restored directly from the Nerdio Manager console. This can be achieved either from the User Sessions page, or by searching against the profile storage file share directly. When searching from the User Sessions page, the feature is designed to only return profiles associated with the active session. This ensures that users who may have profiles associated with other pools do not have the wrong profile deleted accidentally.

In Entra Domain Services scenarios, the user SID varies between Directory Services and Entra ID. Therefore, searching based on user SID is not possible. Administrators should make use of the Entra Domain Services compatibility mode options when searching for profiles.

Note: Entra Domain Services compatibility mode relies on the %USERNAME% variable as part of the folder path name to provide results. Nerdio Manager does not support scenarios where this variable is not part of the folder name.

When searching, locations are automatically detected using FSLogix configurations within Nerdio Manager. Advanced options are only required when there is no global or custom FSLogix configuration that corresponds to the settings in your environment.

If your configuration does not allow Nerdio Manager to automatically detect the profile, then the Advanced Search option can be used to set custom parameters for the profile search.

From here, you can specify naming patterns. In the image below, we see the default search string.

For example, selecting the FlipFlopProfileDirectoryName option changes the headline search string value from \%sid%_%username%\ (as shown above) to \%username%_%sid%\ (as shown below). Multiple search criteria can be assessed in a single search by selecting the + icon, allowing you to search across a number of locations and configuration types. Changes are reflected in the search queries header.

Additionally, the naming pattern can be further customized in cases where the %sid% or %username% variables may not return the necessary results.

Once the required search strings have been defined, select the Refresh button. The user profiles that match the defined search criteria are returned in the console.

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