Does Nerdio Manager Store Customer Information?

Does Nerdio Manager Store Customer Information?

Note: Starting with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v5.1, feature usage is reported to our licensing system. This data helps us improve the product and contains no personally identifiable information. If you have any questions or would like to opt out, please contact the Nerdio support team.

Nerdio Manager is an Azure application that is installed in to your Azure subscription. Nerdio Manager creates a service principal in your Azure tenant and makes Microsoft Graph API and Azure API calls using that service principal to execute the tasks you initiate from the Nerdio Manager portal.

The Nerdio staff does not have access to your install of Nerdio Manager, unless you specifically grant access. Consequently, the Nerdio staff does not have access to your data.

Nerdio Manager does not collect any customer data. Your install of Nerdio Manager will report usage information to our licensing system on a periodic basis. The information is sent via https and is encrypted in transit. The data is stored in a Azure SQL database in Azure's North Central US region and is encrypted at rest.

Specifically, we store the following information in our licensing system:

  • License registration information you provided during installation: first name, last name, company, phone number, email address, Azure tenant & subscription ID, name and domain

  • Date and time you first installed Nerdio Manager

  • Initial version of Nerdio Manager that you installed

  • Current version of Nerdio Manager

  • Email address of user that last updated your install

  • Number of named users

  • Number of concurrent users

  • Number of CPU cores consumed by AVD session hosts

  • Number of AVD Workspaces

  • Number of ARM Host pools

  • Number of ARM session hosts

  • Number of AVD tenants

  • Number of AVD tenant host pools

  • Number of AVD tenant session hosts

  • Email address and datetime stamp of last person to sign in to Nerdio Manager

  • Whether Sepago is enabled in your install of Nerdio Manager

  • AVD Workspaces name and ID

  • Number of Host Pools, their names and IDs

  • Number of CPU cores in each host pool

  • Number of desktop users by host pool

  • Monthly active user count for current month and for past 30 days by host pool

  • Count of user sessions by host pool

  • VM size, disk size, average count of hosts for the last hour, max hosts count for the last hour, average running VMs for the last hour, max running VMs for the last hour, compute cost, storage cost

  • The enablement status of all features within Nerdio Manager



Nerdio Manager is Veracode verified

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