Windows 365 End a Cloud PC's Grace Period

Windows 365 End a Cloud PC's Grace Period

Nerdio Manager allows you to end a Cloud PC's 7-day grace period and immediately deprovision the device.

When creating a Cloud PC, you need to use a provisioning policy that is assigned to one or more security groups. Any users who fall in the scope of a security group, and have a Cloud PC license, will have a Cloud PC device provisioned for them. If you remove a license from a user, or the user is removed from the security group that is assigned to the provisioning policy, or the provisioning policy is deleted, the Cloud PC goes into a grace period. So, instead of the Cloud PC immediately disappearing, the user has a 7-day grace period when the Cloud PC is still available. This allows the user to sign in and save any work. After the 7-day grace period, the VM is destroyed and all data is lost. The 7-day grace period is a nice protection against accidental changes that take the user out of the scope of a provisioning policy or license.

To end a Cloud PC's grace period:

  1. Navigate to Endpoints > Windows 365.

  2. Select the Cloud PCs tab.

  3. Locate the Cloud PC that's currently in a grace period that you wish to end.

    Note: You can use Filter by Status to view only those Cloud PCs that are in a grace period.

  4. From the action menu, select End grace period.

  5. In the pop-up confirmation window, type CONFIRM in all upper case.

    The Cloud PC is deprovisioned.

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