Enable User Cost Attribution

Enable User Cost Attribution

This feature is only available in the Nerdio Manager Premium edition.

Nerdio Manager allows you to capture and report on per-individual-user costs based on the allocation of the total cost of your AVD deployment (compute, storage, network, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) to individuals based on the duration of their usage of AVD desktops during the selected time frame. The report can be exported from Nerdio Manager in a CSV file or consumed in Power BI.

You must enable user cost attribution in order to perform the AVD cost analytics.


  • This feature may only be enabled for subscriptions that support Azure Cost Management.

  • You must have Tenant-Level roles Global Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, or Application Administrator and the subscription-level roles Owner or User Access Administrator in order to enable this feature.

  • This feature is not supported when Nerdio Manager was install using the Split Identity method. See Advanced Installation: Split Identity for details.

To enable user cost attribution:

  1. Navigate to SettingsIntegrations.

  2. In the User cost attribution tile, select Disabled.

  3. On the confirmation pop-up, select Enable.

    All the necessary resources are created automatically. You can see the task's progress in the Settings Tasks.

    Tip: Select the tooltip next to Enabled to display the status of the user cost attribution.

Next Steps

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