Scripted Actions Groups

Scripted Actions Groups

Scripted Actions Groups allows administrators to create script collections and assign them during standard deployment tasks.

Scripted actions group tasks are not performed in isolation. If a scripted action group is deployed as part of task, it operates in exactly the same way as it would if the scripts had been added individually. Therefore, administrators should ensure that tasks within a scripted actions group are ordered correctly for the required outcome. In addition, ensure that the order of both individual scripted actions and scripted actions groups within the task are sequenced appropriately.

To create a scripted actions group:

  1. Navigate to Scripted ActionsScripted actions groups.

  2. Select Add scripted actions group.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Name: Type the name of the scripted actions group. This name is displayed when you select this action from the list of available scripted actions.

    • Description: Type the group's description.

    • Tags: From the drop-down list, select optional tags for the group. These tags are used for searching and organization.

    • Scripted Actions: From the drop-down list, select the scripted action(s) to include in the group.

      Note: The scripted actions are performed in the order specified in the list. You can drag & drop a script to change its order in the list.

    • Default parameters: If necessary, provide the default parameters.

  4. Once you have entered all the desired information, select Save & close.

    Note: The new scripted actions group is now available for deployment tasks. See Scripted Actions Overview for details.

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