PowerShell Module: Troubleshooting

PowerShell Module: Troubleshooting

This feature is only available in the Nerdio Manager Premium edition.

The PowerShell Module for Nerdio Manager is a wrapper for the Nerdio Manager REST API. This outlines known errors and how to resolve them.

Note: The PowerShell Module for Nerdio Manager is in public preview. Please submit your feedback here.


Install the PowerShell module. See PowerShell Module: Tutorial for details.

Error: AADSTS90014

When connecting to Nerdio Manager via PowerShell, the user receives the following error:

This occurs when the -ApiScope switch is not set and/or when the editor inserts additional characters in the switch list. For example, the command below, looks correct. However, there is a trailing space on the third line ($NmeTenantId ` ). Depending on editor this looks different.

To resolve this issue, remove the trailing space. In this example, PowerShell ICE color coded -ApiScope differently. Removing the trailing space changes the color coding of -ApiScope.

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