Migrate to Workspace-based Application Insights from Classic

Migrate to Workspace-based Application Insights from Classic

Microsoft has announced the retirement of Application Insights Classic as of February 29th 2024. See this Microsoft article for more information.

By default, starting with version 4.9, Nerdio Manager incorporated the new Workspace-based model for new installations. However, older installations may still be using the classic model.

Note: If you wish, you may manually perform the migration and not use the Nerdio Manager-supplied migration tool. See this Microsoft article for details about performing the migration manually.

To migrate to Workspace-based Application Insights from Classic:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Nerdio environment.

  2. In the Support tile, check if your environment uses the classic model. A banner is displayed.

  3. If you need to migrate, below the banner, select Migrate Application Insights to Workspace-based.

  4. Log Analytics Workspace: From the drop-down list, select an existing LAW or type a name to create a new workspace.


    • New workspaces are created within the Nerdio Manager resource group.

    • For new workspaces, please ensure that you meet the naming convention requirements.

      • The name must be unique within the parent resource group.

      • Supported characters are “A-Z”, “a-z”, “0-9” & “-“.

  5. Select OK.

    The migration task starts.


    • The migration task takes a few minutes to complete. You can see the task's progress in the Settings Tasks window.

    • Once complete, the warning banner is removed and the migration is complete.

    • If any errors are encountered during this process, please contact the Nerdio support team.

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