Manage Host Pool Custom Tags

Manage Host Pool Custom Tags

Nerdio Manager allows you to manage the custom tags associated with host pools.

Note: You may specify multiple tags. See this Microsoft article for details about using tags to organize your Azure resources.

To manage host pool custom tags:

  1. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  2. From the action menu, select ManageCustom tags.

  3. Select Add and then type the Name and Value of the Azure tag to apply to the host pool.

  4. Optionally, from the action menu, select Add "cm-resource-parent" tag to add the "cm-resource-parent" tag to the host pool.

  5. Optionally, select any Name or Value to change its value.

  6. Optionally, select Delete to delete a tag.

  7. When you have made all the desired changes, select Save.

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