Storage Account Naming Conventions for Nerdio Manager

Storage Account Naming Conventions for Nerdio Manager

This document provides an overview of the naming conventions used for creating storage accounts within Nerdio Manager.

Storage Account Naming Rules

Prefix: stn

This prefix is used for storage accounts that utilize the Standard storage tier. Storage accounts with this prefix are used primarily for VM boot diagnostics. This allows for the collection and storage of boot logs to aid in troubleshooting and maintaining VM health.

Prefix: prm

This prefix is used when creating premium storage accounts for cloned Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) files in scenarios such as "Create image from VM" or when cloning an image to another region. These accounts are suitable for managed images but not for Azure Compute Gallery images.

Prefix: cssa

This unique prefix is designated for storage accounts that are specifically used for various internal activities - storing logs from VMs and for executing scripted actions. Such storage accounts use Standard SKU due to the nature of the data being stored, which often doesn't require the high throughput of a Premium SKU.

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