Schedule Updates for AVD Agent

Schedule Updates for AVD Agent

Nerdio Manager allows you to schedule updates for the AVD agent on session host VMs.

Deploying updates at convenient times, or outside of peak business hours, ensures greater reliability and business continuity, while also enhancing the employee experience without interrupting business critical work.

To schedule an AVD agent update:

  1. Locate the host pool you wish to work with.

  2. From the action menu, select PropertiesAVD.

  3. Enter the following information to schedule the AVD agent update:

    • Use Scheduled AVD Agent Update: Toggle on this option to specify the day and time you want to update the AVD agent.
      • Time Zone: From the drop-down list, select the time zone for the scheduled update.

        Note: Setting the time zone ensures that updates to the session host VMs in the host pool take place at the same time according to the selected time zone, regardless of the session host VMs' local time zones. See this Microsoft article for details.

      • Use local session host time zone: Select this option to perform the agent update using the local time zone of each session host VM in the host pool.

        Note: . Use this setting when all session host VMs in your host pool, or their assigned users, are in different time zones.

      • Maintenance window: From the drop-down lists, specify the day and time for the agent update.

        Note: All maintenance windows are two hours long.

      • Set additional maintenance window: Optionally, select this option to specify a second maintenance window.

        Note: Creating two maintenance windows gives the agent components an additional opportunity to update if the first update is unsuccessful.

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