Change a Custom View

Change a Custom View

Nerdio Manager allows administrators to change an existing custom view.

For detailed information about custom views, please see Create a Custom View.

To change a custom view:

  1. Navigate to Settings Custom views.

  2. In the Custom views section, select the custom view you wish to edit.

  3. Make the desired changes and select Save & close.

  4. Alternatively, when you are viewing a custom view page, make the changes you wish to save. For example, type a search filter.

  5. In the upper right side, select the edit custom view button. 

    Note: All the changes you made on the custom view page are loaded in the edit window.

  6. Review all the options to confirm they are as desired and make any necessary changes.

  7. Once you have entered all the desired information, select Save & close.

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