How to Check the Health of Nerdio Manager

How to Check the Health of Nerdio Manager

Nerdio Manager has a publicly available facility that allows you to check its health.

This facility performs a status check to ensure that Nerdio Manager’s app service has connectivity to the SQL DB, Azure, and the AVD services. If there’s any blocks, service unavailability, or networking issues, the health check returns negative, which is an indicator that something needs to be fixed. This is primarily used as a monitoring endpoint to validate that Nerdio Manager is healthy and operating without someone needing to sign in and check logs.

Note: Only one request is allowed every 5 minutes.

To check Nerdio Manager's health:

  1. In a browser, open a new tab.

  2. Navigate to <nerdio_url>/public/health/status.

    Note: For example, Custom URLs can also be used.

  3. Review the results. If Nerdio Manager is functioning correctly, the results should look like this:

  4. If there are any errors, you should perform the following steps:

    • Restart the app service, which forces it to re-query and re-connect to all three services and check Nerdio Manager's health again.

    • If Nerdio Manager still has errors, check app insights to identify what errors are being recorded. It could be, for example, SQL inaccessible or AVD/Azure inaccessible. In any case, app insights would have the specifics. Fix the errors and check Nerdio Manager's health again.

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