Windows 365 Assign Primary Intune User

Windows 365 Assign Primary Intune User

The Enterprise version of Windows 365 requires that the device in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (the Cloud PC) has a primary Intune user assigned to it who is licensed for Intune. If the primary user is not assigned, then much of the functionality for managing that Cloud PC device is not going to be available. It is not possible to run scripts on the Cloud PC, for example, as well as several other management capabilities.

Nerdio Manager detects a Cloud PC that does not have a primary Intune user assigned to it. In addition, it allows you to easily assign the primary Intune user.

To assign a primary Intune user:

  1. Navigate to Endpoints > Windows 365.

  2. Select the Cloud PCs tab.

  3. Locate the Cloud PC with the missing primary Intune user warning message.

  4. From the action menu, select Assign primary user. Alternatively, simply select the error message.

  5. In the pop-up confirmation window, select OK.

    The primary Intune user is assigned to the Cloud PC.

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