Host Pool Desktop Experience

Host Pool Desktop Experience

Nerdio Manager enables you to select the type of Desktop Experience for each host pool.

Nerdio Manager, in conjunction with Azure Virtual Desktop, allows you to provide a unique desktop experience as required by your users' workloads and preferences. Selecting the right desktop experience allows you to balance costs, security, and provide users a reliable, performant virtual desktop.



Multi user desktop (pooled)

This is the full desktop experience. Users are not assigned to individual session hosts and are placed on a session host based on its load. Multiple users are pooled together on a group of session hosts.

Multi user RemoteApp (pooled)

This is only published applications, not a full desktop experience. Published RemoteApps are visible to users as native apps running on their local computer. The RemoteApps are provided by a collection (pool) of session hosts.

Single user desktop (pooled)

This is the full desktop experience. Users are placed on individual desktop VMs (one user per session host) and a preconfigured number of spare(available) desktops is maintained. User may be signed in to a different session host next time they sign in to their desktop.

Single user desktop (personal)

This is a personal (persistent) full desktop experience. A dedicated session host VM is assigned to each user. Users always sign in to the same session host.

Note: A “NME_username” tag is created on personal desktop VMs when a user is assigned to the session host.

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