Fix Failed Session Host VMs Additions

Fix Failed Session Host VMs Additions

Session hosts VMs that can not be properly created because of networking or Active Directory issues are highlighted on the session hosts page. Nerdio Manager allows for easy remediation actions to resume or clean up the failed attempts that are listed.

To fix failed session host VMs additions:

  1. Locate the host pool with the unhealthy session host VMs.

  2. In the Host Pool Tasks window, check the logs to determine why the session host VM addition failed. Fix the networking or AD issue that caused the failure.

  3. From the action menu, select one of the following:

    • Resume job (Add host): Nerdio Manager resumes the task from where it failed.

    • Cleanup job (Add host): Nerdio Manager cleans up any resources that were created by the task.

    • Delete: Delete the session host VM.

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