Customer Training Packages

Customer Training Packages

Our Customer Training Packages are designed to make sure you get the most out of Nerdio Manager, managing your Azure and/or Windows 365 Cloud PC environments. We enable your teams to get the best out of our solution, adding efficiency to your day-to-day business, while saving on time, money, and human resources.

We have spent many hours fine-tuning our packages and the process around it to make sure we leave nothing out and help you understand the bigger picture, as well as the finer details, which can make all the difference.

Our Team of Experts

We have a team of internal experts that know the ins-and-outs of Nerdio Manager - support engineers, sales and pre-sales engineers, field CTOs, and company leaders. This gives you a one-stop shop regarding all there is to know about Nerdio Manager, related Azure services and how to take full advantage of your investment in both.

We will not only focus on Nerdio Manager, but we will be able to answers any questions you might have regarding topics like FSLogix, VM templates and machine types, security, Azure Files, licensing, general Azure questions related to networking, storage accounts, subscriptions, general best practices, and a few more – all of which are integrated into Nerdio Manager as well.

The Next Steps

Once you have decided which Customer Training Package is right for you, our Sales Excellence Director will make sure that everything will be organized and set up properly. This will include all the planning and communication needed.

Next, we will organize a kick-off meeting to go over the details and planning, including any questions you might have, and take it from there.

Sessions will be led by one of our experts. They will be organized to fit a single day, or can be spread over two to three days depending on your availability and package of choice. Sessions can be recorded for future reference.

In Summary

We will make sure you have all the right tools and knowledge you need to fully manage, (cost) optimize, and fine-tune your Azure Virtual Desktop environments, combined with Windows 365, to make sure you get the best and most out of these services at the lowest cost possible, with a minimum of time spent.

Advanced Auto-scaling of storage and compute, Image and Application Management, Security and Hardening, Disaster Recovery, Scripted Actions, and much more, are all topics, depending on your Customer Training Package of choice, that will be handled in detail. This is shown in the chart below.

We offer semi-annual health checks and proactive new feature training on upcoming releases.

At Nerdio, we always go above and beyond to support our clients, and this is yet another excellent example of that.

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