Individualize Your UI Themes

Individualize Your UI Themes

Nerdio Manager allows you to individualize your UI themes.

Note: Prior to version 3.2, this was a global setting and any themes that were created prior to version 3.2 stay exactly as is. Starting with version 3.2, any changes to the themes only apply to the individual user.

To individualize your UI themes:

  1. Navigate to Settings Theme.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Enable personal theme: Select this option to allow users to create personal, customized themes. Unselect this option to force a global UI theme for all users as defined by an administrator and prohibit users from configuring personal themes.

    • (1) Themes: From the drop-down list, select one of the preconfigured themes or Custom.

    • For the Custom theme, modify the other sections as desired.

      Note: You can do no harm by individualizing your theme, so experiment as much as you want. You can always revert back to one of the preconfigured themes.

  3. Once you have entered all the desired changes, select Apply.

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