Auto-scale Session Host Scale In-Out Restrictions

Auto-scale Session Host Scale In-Out Restrictions

Individual session host VMs within host pools with auto-scale enabled can be excluded from scale in and/or scale out indefinitely, or for a predefined period. This is especially useful when certain session host VMs are not healthy and need to be put into maintenance mode or when long running operations must not be interrupted during a scale in window.

To restrict scale in or scale out for a session host:

  1. Locate the session host you wish to work with.

  2. From the action menu, select Restrict scale in.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Would you like to exclude...: From the drop-down menu, select the type of exclusion.

    • Exclusion Duration: Select either an indefinite exclusion or select a date and time when the exclusion ends.

  4. Once you have made the desired selections, select Confirm.

    Note: The scale in restrictions take effect once the task completes. You can see the task's progress in the Host Pool Tasks.

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