How do I remove Nerdio Manager from my Azure environment?

How do I Remove Nerdio Manager from my Azure Environment?

Removing the Nerdio Manager application from an Azure environment requires deletion of application resources and un-registration of the app. Removal of Nerdio Manager does not impact the existing AVD environment, session hosts, host pool, or users.

Note: Once Nerdio Manager is removed from your Azure environment the AVD deployment remains exactly as is. But you are no longer be able to manage it with the Nerdio Manager console or take advantage of Nerdio Manager's dynamic host pool functionality.

Remove Nerdio Manager Application Resources

You may use either Option A or B:

  • Option A: Delete the entire resource group that Nerdio Manager was provisioned into.

    Note: Make sure there are no session hosts (VMs) in that resource group.

  • Option B: Delete just the individual resources that were created during the Nerdio Manager installation.

    Tip: Search for "nmw-app-" in Azure portal.

Remove App Registration

  • In the Azure portal, navigate to AppĀ Registrations and search for "nerdio-nmw".

  • Open each application and delete it.

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