FSLogix and User Profile Management

FSLogix and User Profile Management

FSLogix is a user profile container technology (FSLogix Profile Containers) that allows users to switch virtual desktops session host without losing access to their own customizations. With FSLogix, you can use OneDrive and the indexed search functionality in virtual desktops. This option was not available for the legacy RDS User Profile Disks (UPDs).

FSLogix is integrated with AVD and provides, by default, an on-demand seamless user profile storage solution. The AVD for Business and SharePoint functionality level matches that of a stationary desktop, for example, on a physical PC or a laptop.

FSLogix supports active cache syncing in the AVD environment so that users get their updated files from any of the connected hosts.

FSLogix retains the user credentials. You do not need to sign in to OneDrive every time you start a session.

The Windows user profiles of AVD desktop users are encapsulated in VHD files and stored on a file server separate from the session host VMs. If a user is assigned to a pooled (for example, non-persistent) desktop, the profile including Windows Search cache follows the user regardless of the virtual desktop VM they sign in to.

Nerdio Manager makes sure that setting up, configuring, and managing FSLogix Profile Containers is easy to do. Multiple so-called FSLogix configuration profiles can be created, which can be applied per host pool. This means you can have different FSLogix configurations where, for example, the storage locations are different (often in the form of Azure Files, see Create and Manage Configured Azure Files Shares for more information) or where you have different registry parameters set, again, on a per-host pool level.

We ensure that the proper agent is installed on your image, or explain how to do it manually, and that the correct configuration profile is applied. Meaning, that when a session host VM is joined to the host pool, or is re-imaged, all of this is automatically taken care of.

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