User Cost Attribution Build Reports and Performance

User Cost Attribution Build Reports and Performance

Nerdio Manager allows you to capture and report on per-individual-user costs based on the allocation of the total cost of your AVD deployment (compute, storage, network, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) to individuals based on the duration of their usage of AVD desktops during the selected time frame.

The Nerdio Manager user cost attribution feature reads data from multiple sources such as the Azure Cost Management API and your Log Analytics Workspace. The amount of time it takes to create/refresh the report data depends on the size of your environment, and the SKU of your app service. The metrics from your environment which impact build times are number of users, number of sessions, and number of resources.

Per default, the reports are refreshed once daily and you should not need to build/refresh the data manually. Azure Cost Data is only refreshed on a daily basis, so multiple refreshes in a single day has diminishing returns.

Below are some metrics to allow you to set an appropriate App Service Plan Size for your environment.


  • Users 1,000

  • Sessions 50,000

  • Build Times: up to 15 minutes

  • Recommended App Service SKU, B1


  • Users 5,000

  • Sessions 100,000

  • Build Times: up to 30 minutes

  • Recommended App Service SKU, B3


  • Users 10,000+

  • Sessions 300,000+

  • Build Times: 30+ minutes

  • Recommended App Service SKU, B3 or higher

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