Subscribe to a License of Nerdio Manager

Subscribe to a License of Nerdio Manager

Question: Why does it say that Nerdio Manager is in Trial Mode?

Answer: When you install Nerdio Manager from the Azure Marketplace you automatically activate a 30-day trial license. While in Trial Mode, Nerdio Manager is fully functional without any limitations.


Question: What do I need to do if Nerdio Manager says it is in Trial Mode?

Answer: Be sure to subscribe to a license of Nerdio Manager before the trial expires to avoid interruption in service.


Question: How do I go about subscribing to a license of Nerdio Manager?

Answer: Follow the instructions in License Activation.


Question: Will I start to be billed as soon as I subscribe? Should I wait until the end of my trial period?

Answer: You will NOT be billed by subscribing to a license until after your trial expires. There is no reason to wait until the end of your trial period, since you won't be billed until then.


Question: Should I subscribe to a license of Nerdio Manager if I'm working with a partner?

Answer: Ask your partner to contact us and we will work with them to activate your license.


Question: How much does Nerdio Manager license cost?

Answer: Nerdio Manager has two editions-- Core and Premium. See our website for details about features and pricing.


Question: Can I change my edition of Nerdio Manager?

Answer: Yes, you can change your edition at any time. See Nerdio Manager Edition Management for details.


Question: Are there long-term commitments?

Answer: No. There are no commitments. You only pay for what you use.


Question: What permissions are required while creating a subscription for Nerdio Manager?

Answer: In order to set up a subscription for Nerdio Manager's licensing, a user with subscription owner permissions must deploy the SaaS subscription object from Azure Marketplace (see License Activation for instructions). As part of this deployment, an Entra ID application is also registered, which authenticates the user to Nerdio Manager's licensing service to activate the subscription. See Subscription Permissions for additional details.


Question: What if I want to stop using Nerdio Manager, how do I make sure that I don't get billed?

Answer: You can remove Nerdio Manager from your Azure environment at any time and you will not be billed for any time after it is removed. Send us a note at to let us know that you'll be removing the application.

See How do I Remove Nerdio Manager from my Azure Environment? for details.


Question: How do I get in touch with Nerdio if I have questions or need help?

Answer: Send us an email to and our team will get you in touch with the right individual to answer your questions right away.

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