Configure Email Notifications

Configure Email Notifications

Nerdio Manager enables you to send email notifications based on a flexible set of conditions. See Alerts and Notifications for details.

Before you can configure alerts and notifications, you must enable email notifications. In addition, you must link at least one active mailbox to be used for sending notifications.


  • You may link multiple mailboxes.

  • The SMTP mailboxes feature only available in the Nerdio Manager Premium edition.

To create a new linked email:

  1. Navigate to SettingsNerdio environment.

  2. In the Email notifications tile, check that the Current status is Enabled. If it is not Enabled, select Disabled to enable it.

  3. Select Link mailbox.

  4. Account type: From the drop-down, select the account type.

  5. For Microsoft 365:

    • Select Login.

      Note: When you select Login, you are redirected to a sign in page for the Send From user.

    • Sign in as a user with an active mailbox to be used as the Send From address for email notifications.

      Note: This user must have any role assignment on the RBAC Roles page.

      The mailbox is added to the list of linked email addresses.

  6. For SMTP: (Premium edition only)

    • Enter the following SMTP mailbox information:

      • Username: Type the username.

      • Password: Type the password.

      • Host: Type the host.

      • Port: Type the port.

      • To: Type an email address to send the test email to verify that the SMTP settings are correct.

    • Once you have entered all the desired information, select Save.

      The mailbox is added to the list of linked email addresses.

      Note: Be sure to confirm receipt of the test email.

  7. Repeat the steps above for every mailbox you wish to link.


  • Select set default to make the email address the default.

  • Select test to send a test email using this address as the Send From.

  • Select unlink to unlink the email address from being used to send notifications.

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