Desktop Images

Desktop Images

This section discusses topics related to desktop images. We will discuss the various import and lifecycle management options, as well as different ways to automate certain tasks in more advanced scenarios.

After creating a new Workspace, the next step in building out an AVD environment is to create one or multiple host pools housing your virtual machines (see Host Pools for more information). Virtual machines are created based on a desktop image, which holds the operating system, your applications, and anything else you might want to add. For this to work, we first need to create at least one desktop image.

Before we continue, it is important to understand that images can be created or imported in different ways. Also note, that even when there are no images imported into Nerdio Manager, the custom Azure images part of your subscription can be used to build new host pools and re-image existing host pools in exactly the same way as with imported images. However, if you do choose to import your images into Nerdio Manager, you can take advantage of many different management features otherwise not available.

In addition, when images are imported into Nerdio Manager all of your management and lifecycle activities are done using a single management portal.

Once an image is created or imported, regardless of the type of image (we'll explain in more detail going forward), creating new host pools and re-imaging existing host pools is done in the same way. In the sections below we will walk you through it step by step.

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