Desktop Images Change Log Feature

Desktop Images Change Log Feature

In Nerdio Manager you can update, version, or clone desktop images. The desktop images are updated frequently by different users so over time it gets difficult to track changes made to them. It is important to track these changes as desktop images are the foundation of AVD host pools.

The Nerdio Manager Change Log feature helps admins keep track of all changes made to desktop images.

To set up a change log for a desktop image:

  1. Navigate to Desktop Images.

  2. Select a desktop image that you wish to maintain a change log for.

  3. Select the Power off & set as Image.

    The Set as an Image window opens.

  4. Type the list of changes made to the image in the Change log section.

  5. Select Run now.

    The change log record is attached to the desktop image.

You can view all changes that were done manually or automatically to the desktop image

To view the change log for a desktop image:

  1. Navigate to Desktop Images.

  2. Locate the desktop image you wish to view.

  3. From the action menu, select Change Log.

    The changed image details are displayed.

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