UI Overview

UI Overview

Nerdio Manager's UI is feature rich and customizable.

Time Zone

Nerdio Manager displays all date and time information in your local time zone as indicated by your browser. Please check your browser settings or your personal device settings if the time zone in Nerdio Manager seems incorrect.


Select the Menu icon to expand and collapse the main menu.


Select the Help icon to display the Nerdio Manager help center.


Select the AssistPro icon to start the chat bot assistant. See Manage AssistPro for details.


You can select anywhere on the breadcrumbs to return to an earlier page in your navigation flow. For example:

Table Footer

Many tables have footers that allow you to quickly navigate through the table and set the page size. In addition, some tables show the total number of rows in the table.


The Tasks section displays a log of the tasks related to the page in reverse chronological order. For example, the Workspaces page displays the log of the tasks performed on the Workspaces.

Select either of the export buttons to export the tasks table in JSON or CSV format.

See Logs Module for details.

Action Menu

Several pages have an Action Menu on each row in the table. For example, the Dynamic Host Pools page, select the down arrow to view the Action Menu.

Global Search Bar

At the top of every page, the Global Search bar allows you to search for resources, objects, and settings, and to quickly navigate to your desired location.

Search and Filter

Many pages have search and filter features that allow you to quickly find the information you are looking for. For example, the Session Hosts page can be searched and filtered as follows:


  • Select the search/filter display toggle icons to toggle the search/filter section of the page on or off.

  • Use built-in search field on all pages to filter items displayed in the table. For example, you can find hosts using a specific image. The search matches are highlighted.

  • You can search for “not contains” strings. For example, you can search for hosts that don not contain “avd” in the name by searching for “-avd”.


Select the Refresh icon to refresh the table that is displayed.

Tool Tip

Select the Tool Tip icon to see a pop-up window with valuable information about the field the tool tip is associated with.

Sort a Table

In a table column header, select the Sort icon to sort the table in ascending or descending order by that column.

Add New

Where applicable, select the Add New icon to add a new item. For example, to add a new session host or a new provisioning policy.

Display Last Login Date

Where applicable, you can display the last login for session host VMs or user sessions. In the upper right corner, select the Add Last User Login column button.

Custom Views

Nerdio Manager allows administrators to create custom views that best represents their workflows. Multiple views can be created and one of the views can be designated as the default view.

For example, if you manage host pools across several Workspaces, there is no need to keep jumping back to the Workspaces list to switch from one Workspace to the next to work with all the host pools. With custom views, you can combine similar data on a single page across the environment.

See Create a Custom View for details.

Custom Views based on an Existing Page

Nerdio Manager allows administrators to create a custom view from an existing page. For example, you may be viewing a filtered list of host pools and you want to save the page as a custom view.

See Create a Custom View from an Existing Page for details.

Individualize Your UI Themes

Nerdio Manager allows you to individualize your UI themes.

See Individualize Your UI Themes for details.

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