Settings Overview

Settings Overview

As an admin, you can change the settings of your Nerdio Manager web portal through the Settings module.

Navigate to Settings and select the setting you wish to change.

Azure Environment




Additional Information

Primary Entra ID tenant (AVD and Identity)

View and link to your Entra ID tenant details.


Azure subscriptions

View and link to your Microsoft Azure subscription.

Link Multiple Azure Sovereign Clouds

Linked networks

Select additional networks that you want to link to be used in Nerdio Manager. Linked networks can be selected when adding desktop images, host pools, and session hosts. The Azure region of the selected network determines the location of the VM created in this network.

Azure Environment: Linked Networks and Resource Groups

Linked resource groups

Select additional resource groups that may contain session host VMs and desktop images. You can also set the default resource group.

Azure Environment: Linked Networks and Resource Groups

VM Availability sets

Automatically create availability sets when provisioning session host VMs. When disabled, no availability sets are created when provisioning VMs. When enabled, availability sets are automatically created to accommodate the specified number of VMs in each.


Windows 365 Enterprise

Provision and manage Windows 365 Enterprise cloud PCs

Windows 365 - Enable and Configure Cloud PCs


Nerdio Environment




Additional Information

AVD object model

Select AVD object model version. There are three options available: Fall 2019 Release, Spring 2020 Update (ARM) or Hybrid. If Fall 2019 Release is selected only the AVD TENANTS menu is visible. If Spring 2020 Update is selected, only WORKSPACES menu is visible. If Hybrid is selected, then both menus are visible.


Local administrator credentials

Configure the default local administrator account that is created on all provisioned session host VMs.


Azure runbooks scripted actions

Enable this option to use Azure Automation account to execute runbooks.

Scripted Actions for Azure Runbooks

Secure variables for scripted actions

Define secure variables to be passed to some or all scripted actions. Variables are stored securely in the Azure Key Vault and can be accessed in scripted actions via $SecureVars.Variable_Name.

Scripted Actions Global Secure Variables

Email notifications

Enable notifications to send email alerts based on a flexible set of conditions. Once enabled, select on the linked mailbox and sign in as a user with an active Exchange Online mailbox to be used for sending notifications. Multiple source mailboxes can be linked.

Configure Email Notifications


Alerts and Notifications


Monitor the status of Azure App Service WebJobs. Make sure that the "provision" job is always Running.


Custom views

Create custom views to display the specific information that you'd like to see from across the AVD environment.

Create a Custom View


Download the Application Insights exceptions to help with troubleshooting.


Product edition

View and change the product edition.







Additional Information


Configure the Directory profiles that can include Entra ID, Active Directory, or Entra Domain Services. Directory profile information is used when creating or re-imaging session hosts. One Directory profile can be set as default.


FSLogix Profiles Storage

Configure the default FSLogix profile storage location and default settings to be used when creating or re-imaging session host VMs. This information is inherited, by default, by newly created host pools but can be overridden with custom settings for each host pool.

Automated FSLogix Deployment and Per-Host Pool Customization

Azure Monitor Insights

Azure Monitor Insights for AVD is a native monitoring technology for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments.

Configure Azure Monitor Insights

Sepago Azure Monitor

Monitor the AVD environment using Sepago Azure monitor and Log Analytics workbooks.

Host Pool Sepago Azure Monitor Configuration


REST API allows integration of third-party automation tools into Nerdio Manager. To enable REST API, Entra ID global administrator role is required.

REST API Overview

MSIX App Attach Storage Locations

Link one or more Azure Files shares to be used for storing MSIX App Attach packages. Azure Files shares must be AD integrated.

Create and Manage MSIX App Attach Images and Host Pool Assignments

Script Repositories

Link and manage GitHub and Azure DevOps repositories and synchronize with Scripted actions.

Script Repositories Integration



Nerdio Manager allows you to individualize your UI themes. SeeIndividualize Your UI Themes for details.

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